Arrangements for Friday 4th May Species League Event from Poole and Minehead


Minehead. Meet at Old Ship Aground at 9.30 breakfast, position draw by Ray Evans
Boat leaves at 10.30 (due to tide) and returns at 6.30. On Teddie Boy 2. Likely to be going to Porlock Bay for smooth hounds then out deeper for huss and rays finishing inshore for smaller species depending on weather.
Bait will be rag, frozen squid, mackerel and hermit crabs
Poole. Meet at Fishermans Cafe at 8.00 breakfast, boat and position draw by Richard Wayne Ferre and Andrew Selby.
Boats leave at 9.00 and return at 5.00. On Piscary and Random Harvest. Likely to be going to Poole Patch, banks for rays and possibly inshore for plaice etc depending on weather.

Bait rag, squid and mackerel/sandeels if available

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