Minehead 10th and 11th August

Minehead Species League 10th and 11th August.
The two Boats Teddie Boy and Osprey are now full this is the team who have completed entry forms and paid:-
Ray Evans
Kim Bowden
Paul Roper.
Vernon Allen
Richard Wayne Ferre
Gary Dennis
Bill Cann
Brett Lomas
Alan Bird
Andy D Smith
Keith Wigglesworth
Rolf Marschalek
Paul Hart
Entry forms completed:-
Colin Searles
Steve Batchelor
Committed to come entry forms awaited:-
Ray Barron
Perry Dack

Waiting a space :-

Andy Selby  and Garry Geoghagan

To book a third boat will need a further 3 to commit to coming so get entry forms in ASAP

minehead harbour

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