To run two main Competitions

  1.  UK wide Charter Boat Species Hunt
  2.  Monthly Species Competitions as part of an annual League

To run and promote Sea Angling Species Hunts and Competitions

On best Charter Boat around the UK      

Species Competitions on a monthly basis giving anglers the opportunity to meet and compete regularly with annual trophies and prizes.    

Often on Fridays increasing skippers income and keeping costs down   

To promote conservation with catch and release (keep to eat)

With all species counting and no size limits, learn more about the species around our coast 

To provide bait where possible from sustainable sources 

Species League Uk facebook group 2700 members -facebook.com/groups/speciesleague

Species League facebook groups for Wales, South East England,  South West England, Ireland, Scotland, and the North

Twitter – SpeciesLeague@speciesleague

Come join the fun ‘e’ mail – speciesleague@gmail.com for more details