Charter Boat Species Hunt 2021

Species League started a new competition in 2020, a Charter Boat Species Hunt this in addition to the Species League UK and Regional match leagues. We are pleased to announce that this will continue in 2021

Catch as many species as you can from one of the Charter Boats on the list below at any time during 2021 and any species you catch in a Species League match on board any Charter Boat

There are 52 designated Charter Boats across 35 ports so most will have a local  boat to call upon

Prizes for angler who catches the most species across the UK in 2021 and regional prizes based upon where you live (but you can travel to any of the ports and add your species caught there)

Plus a prize for the angler that fishes from the most charter boats in the year – so make sure you take your waterproof form and card with you and get the skippers to initial your visit and the species you catch

Entry form is in the shop £6.99 through Paypal

Charter Boat Species Hunt 2021 entry

Complete the purchase using Paypal and your entry is automatic. Your entry pack will be sent to your address


You will be sent a laminated card and waterproof recording form like the ones below, take photos of any specimen fish, unusual or difficult to identify fish.

Come join the fun