March 30 Lyme Regis and Littlehampton

These are the teams for Good Friday 30 March Species League eventsLyme Regis- On Pegasus, Alice Rose and Blue Turtle

with Dave Lewis from Sea Angler Magazine

Alan Bird
Ray Evans
Andrew Selby
Paul Roper
Vernon Allen
Luke Allen
Richard Wayne Ferre
Darren Phillips
Gary Dennis
Brian Moss
Bill Cann
John Bellamy
Steve Batchelor
Craig Horton
Perry Dack
Keith Wigglesworth
Ray Barron
Paul Hollyoake
Billy Short
Richard Day
Kim White
Darren Herbert 

Littlehampton  On Chinquita

Kim Bowden
Marcus Wuest
Brett Lomas
Andy D Smith
Rolf Marschalek
Matt Osborne
Martin Bobbett
Stephan Baker

2 Comments Add yours

  1. burlykil says:

    I will be attending Ray.


  2. rayaevans says:

    ‎Andy D Smith‎ to Species League
    1 hr · Brighton
    Our 30th March Good Friday trip from Littlehampton will load at 7 a.m. We will be out with Larry Halliday on Chinquita. Park outside Osborne of Arun Group, Rope House, Rope Walk, BN17 5DH. Walk through galvanised gates marked with yellow sign ‘Dutton Amphijeep’. The main target species will be plaice but we will also try for wrasse, dogs, pout and rays. There are eight of us on the boat, Marcus Wuest, Kim Bowden, Brett Lomas, Steph Baker, Rolf Marschalek, Matt Osborne, Martin Bobbett and me. Cost will be £60. Bait supplied will be frozen lug, mackerel, squid and possibly some rag. Cheers Andy.


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