Two or more ports – weather dependant events

An interesting dilemma – if weather is ok to go from one port and where we have booked boats to go from another port the weather is too rough, what do we do? Bottom line is if boats can go form a port they go. We may consider running an extra trip later in year so people can have similar chance for prizes.

This is why we have 12 dates across the year and competitors can drop three scores. We have already lost the first trip in 2018 due to weather, we are now down to 11 events and if they all go ahead then will be the best 8 percentage scores that will win the championship. If we loose just one port in an event, then we have some choices may be it will be the best 7 scores or if we have time then we could run another trip in the area that was called off. Most of the events in previous years in September to December are either from Weymouth or Poole and we can normally get out from those even if it means fishing in Portland or Poole harbours. Thames Estuary/North Wales may have similar possibilities. Isle of White can be useful sometimes, Lyme Bay and Bristol Channel can offer options if wind is from north or south so flexibility is key to the league format.

Lets hope we are lucky for next Friday, 30 March at both Lyme Regis and Littlehampton.

cover pick

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