First Competition of 2018



Weymouth 23 February 2018

Was set to be the first Species League event of the year two big cats, Supanova and Meerkat booked to take us out, 20 keen anglers all waiting for the call to go. Bait had been organised with Weymouth Angling Centre. Breakfast orders provisionally booked at the Sailors Return. £1000 worth of prizes and trophies were in the Weymouth Angling Society club house waiting to be presented that evening with hot food ordered for after we had come back from sea.

So an exciting day ahead or maybe not the weather forecasts had been mixed all through week, so it wasn’t a huge surprise that when I called Lyle Stantiford on Thursday he gave me the bad news ‘Think we will give it a miss’ latest forecast was showing easterly 20-25mph, bright sunshine but barely above freezing all day. With wind speeds like that in the summer we would have gone and sheltered behind Portland, but this time of year there are limited numbers of fish inshore so the decision was the right call.

We also had to postpone the presentation evening for the 2017 Species League. This will take place some time in the future, venue and date to be confirmed.

Our first competition will now be out of Lyme Regis and Littlehampton on 30 March. Let’s hope conditions at sea are kinder for us then.

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  1. flukeallen says:

    It was a shame Ray, but echoing what you said it was the right call! Fingers crossed for the next one


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