Species League Match 5 From Rhyl on Privateer with Jon Law



Friday 13th Species match …. well fished all , despite the uncomfortable wind against tide in the first half of the comp.

Very apt that 13 species were caught between the six anglers. Not as many as expected but in the conditions, not bad.

These were : Dab, Dogfish, Grey Gurnard, Tub Gurnard, Bullhuss, Lesser Weaver, Mackerel, Poor Cod, Ballan Wrasse, Goldsinny Wrasse, Whiting, Thornback Ray and Smoothound.

After a steady start by all, it seemed that competitor John Traynor was just easing ahead and by the half way point was I think feeling comfortable but in the next peg Kev Preston was not rolling over easily and made things much much tighter after a visit to the wrasse mark.

Strangely the fishing slowed down on the flood, the ray mark produced fish but not in the numbers expected as did the last chance saloon, 30 minutes on the Smoothounds.

I had a sneaky quick tot up of the scores and with those 30 minutes to go … it was very much looking like Kev would take the trophy but these things are usually a lot closer than you think and John sneaked out a little smoothie which put him just ahead again and with the setting of the sun .. it was all over

John Traynor won the boat with 256 fish points and 10 species, well done him and well fished all, plus most importantly it was a lovely friendly comp good banter to keep every one on their toes  …. I enjoyed the battle just marking it and looking forward to the next one already

Friday 5th October – 9am till 5pm

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