Weymouth 15 February 2019


Lovely day off Weymouth on Supanova, Meerkat and Snapper saw 28 anglers start the Species League Season. Thanks Lyle, Ryan and Luke for putting us over the fishb

Well done Michael DaviesBrett Lomas and Steve Batchelor on your boat wins.

Some super fish headed by a wonderful Blonde Ray of over 31lbs for Michael and a nice 3 bearded rockling for Ray Barron (how does this man catch species where no one else ever sees them)

14 Species in all caught, which is pretty good for February including Spur Dogs, Brill, Turbot, Tope, Congers, Smoothounds, Whiting and Undulate RayRichard tope What a great way to start the season.

Next we are off to Minehead and Poole on 8th March for round two of the 12 match series

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