Weymouth 15th February



So our first trip of the Species League in 2019 is nearly upon us. We have 3 big catamarans’ taking us out Supanova, Meerkat and Snapper on Friday 15th February. Everything is crossed for the weather and with smallish tides we should be able to get out deep for some big fish.

Our preferred bait for the spur dogs is fresh herring and I think I have located some from wholesaler Davy’s Locker in Bridport, hope they can get some at a reasonable price from the fish market. If they do, I will be picking up three 10kg boxes early in the morning to satisfy demand from the 30 anglers due to attend.

We will meet for breakfast at 7.00 in the Sailors Return, have boat and position draw and be on the boats to leave at 8.00 sharp.

We will also have frozen Mackerel and Squid.

Rays, Spurs, Congers and Whiting will be our main targets but as always when fishing off Weymouth you never really know what will come up from the depths.

Can’t wait

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