Match Competition Rules

  1. Two hook max traces
  2. Bait provided only but can use anything you catch
  3. Lures are allowed
  4. Pennel Rigs are allowed
  5. No Wire Traces
  6. All fish must come on board boat to count except large fish over 10lbs approx which count if trace below link/swivel is touched.
  7. First five fish of species count points on score card next 5 = 1 point each
  8. Ten points bonus for each species on list
  9. No size limits on fish
  10. Foul hooked fish do count
  11. Highest score on a boat= 100% all others on same boats expressed as a percentage of top score
  12. Species League UK 2020
    • 12 events during year (dependent on weather) top 10 percentage scores across the year count towards champion (if we lose an event due to weather then 11 events and top 9 scores, if we lose 2 events due to weather 10 events and 8 scores)
    • All fish species caught during year recorded for each competitor – most species champion
  13. Regional Championships in 2020
    • South West 10 events all scores count
    • South 10 events
    • South East 6 events 
    • Wales 7 events