About the Species League

The Species League started in 2005 with a small group of anglers who wanted to have a species boat competition once a month. Over the years more anglers have joined in and the league has grown attracting anglers from all over the UK and in 2019 we have gone Regional.

We go from various ports and use some of the best Charter Boats who specialise in species events. During the year we try to cover as many types of fishing as possible from deep-sea anchoring for congers and tope, to drifting wrecks, bank fishing for flatfish, inshore for wrasse and mini species. Most competitions will cover a number of fishing types over different marks and during the summer months we regularly catch more than twenty species on a day.

Each competition is based upon the winner of each boat gaining 100% and all others score a percentage of the winners score. With 12 scores across the year (if we don’t lose an event due to weather) the winner of the year has the best total of 9 percentages (this means if you have a bad day or miss an event you can drop this score and your two other low scores).

2019 Trophies and Prizes :-

Species League UK

  • Champion Trophy and first prize
  • Runner up and places down to 10th
  • Species Tankard for most species caught during the year
  • Runner up and third

Species League South West – sponsored by The Tackle Box, Lyme Regis

  • Lyme Regis to Minehead – 8 events best 6 scores – trophy and prizes for 1st and 2nd

Species League South – sponsored by Weymouth Angling Centre

  • Dorset and Hampshire – 9 events best 7 scores – trophy and prizes for 1st and 2nd

Species League South East – sponsored by Lagoon Bait and Tackle, Hove

  • Kent and Sussex – 6 events best 5 scores – trophy and prizes for 1st and 2nd

Species League Wales

  • 2 events from Tenby

Species League North West

  • 2 events from Rhyl

The league isn’t all about winning we have a really good bunch of seasoned anglers but also some new and some young members competing and learning

All fish species count and size in this competition doesn’t matter.